Our privilege and responsibility...is to create an environment, provide a method and inspire students to touch….who they really are’

~S Santorelli~


Course Examples:

'MBSR for Teachers & school staff'
'Staff Wellbeing' sessions.
'Introduction to Mindfulness and Education'
'The Mindful Teacher'

Doesn't everyone of us - teachers, parents, students - want to feel relaxed rather than stressed; happy rather than depressed; attentive rather than distracted? Don't we want to feel balanced in our mind and bodies?
Teachers and school staff have an unusually high degree of stress & burnout. When we are trying to take care of others, but not taking care of ourselves, we get exhausted and not able to do the job as we would like. In wishing to support our students being mindful, we need to be mindful ourselves and this presence will inevitably carry into our work with students. Mindfulness practices offer teachers self-care and attention skills that prepare them to teach with greater energy & effectiveness. The growing sense of well-being naturally translating into an environment of wellness for the students. 
Simple mindfulness practices can offer reliable strategies for working with the inevitably life challenges that can overtake the mind and help manage stress, difficult situation, intense emotions and focus attention both at school & home. Research shows that teachers undertaking an MBSR programme experience decreases in anxiety, stress and depression; whilst experiencing an increase in compassion and other positive states of mind. Teachers reported a greater capacity to experience the inevitable stressors of teaching and maintain an emotional balance; particularly to behaviours in provocative situations.